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Douglas Fir Branches

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Fragrant, fresh, douglas fir branches right from the farm!  A wonderful aromatic and decorative filler for holiday events, holiday weddings, holiday wreath-making and holiday garlands, holiday floral arrangements, holiday centerpieces or decor, or to use in aromatherapy or to use the fir needles for candle-making and other home DIY projects! esh, and attractive green leaves are a wonderful aromatic and decorative filler.  Pay wholesale prices, receive free expedited shipping, and a farm-fresh premium quality product!  100% Quality Guarantee.

Availability:  Readily available November and December.  Limited availability during rest of year (January through October).

Product Details  (Bulk / Wholesale / DIY for events, weddings, and resale):
Stem Length:  18-24"

Bunch Size:  Approx. 4-5 stems per bunch

Color:  Green.  (Slight variations in shade may occur due to being a product of Mother Nature and/or variations in computer monitor resolution.)
Delivery Date:  We recommend that you choose a delivery date 2-3 business days before your event.

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