• Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
  • Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
  • Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
  • Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
  • Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
  • Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar


Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar

$ 39.99 $ 45.95

1 Bunch


These fragrant, fresh, and attractive round-heart green leaves are a wonderful aromatic and decorative filler.  The broad, round-heart silver-green leaves are abundant on a tall, flexible stem.  Perfect to combine it with our other bulk flowers and greens to create unique and romantic wedding bouquets, floral arrangements, or table centerpieces.  A customer favorite and an absolute must have, especially if seeking a garden look, rustic garden look, or wild chic Boho look!  Pay wholesale prices, receive free priority overnight shipping, and a farm-fresh premium quality product!  100% Quality Guarantee.

Product Details  (Bulk / Wholesale / DIY for events, weddings, and resale):
Stems Per Bunch:  5 to 8 stems per bunch
Stem Length:  typically 18-30"
Color:  Green.  (Slight variations in shade may occur due to being a product of Mother Nature and/or variations in computer monitor resolution.)
Expected Vase Life: Average of 7+ days, with proper care and handling.  Please NOTE that the expected vase life can be significantly shorter during summer months or during periods of extreme weather or environmental conditions and often may be anywhere from 3+ days depending upon the weather or environmental conditions.  Product must be properly cared for immediately upon delivery.
Delivery Date:  We recommend that you choose a delivery date 2 business days before your event.
Shipping Method:  FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping (or comparable shipping method)  

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