Welcome to 1-800-BLOOMING!  So… Why us?

In short, we’re bringing back the old school charm in flower giving and receiving, while creating a new model for on-demand delivery to get you (or your recipient) your blooming beauts fresh, fast, and in an original and exciting way!

Super Fresh, Enjoy Longer.  Our flower blooms are shipped fresh from the farms and fields and then delivered right to your door.  This way, you receive super fresh flowers that are Blooming Beautifully™ for longer in your presence.  Receive your fresh flowers just 2-4 days after being cut generally rather than the typical 10-14 days.

What You See Is What You Get.  We show you images of REAL arrangements that we have actually designed and delivered to our customers.  We don’t use stock images for product images and we don’t hire professionals to create dreamy photos of flower bouquets that look drastically different than the ones that actually show up at your door.  And a little secret… our bouquets are enjoyed even better in the flesh when you can see and touch the various textures and smell any fragrant blooms – you’ll love what you receive even more than you love it online! 

We Send You a Photo of Your ACTUAL Bouquet – Finally, no more wondering what that bouquet you sent as a gift actually looked like!  As if it couldn’t get any better, we add more icing to the what-you-see-is-what-you-get cake and email you a photo of YOUR actual bouquet – the one your recipient (or yourself) is actually receiving – right before we ship it off!  (Don’t worry, we don’t send this photo to your recipient.)

No Outsourcing Your Order; Quality, Consistency, and Reliability Our #1.  We design and hand-craft each and every one of our bouquets.  Many online flower companies act more as an order processing platform – meaning they take your order and outsource it to whichever independent florist they can find in a large florist network to fill it or to foreign farm laborers, etc.  That’s just not our cup of tea!  And we have some pretty compelling reasons for wanting to handle your order from start to finish!  First, we absolutely love what we do, so why give it away for someone else to do?  Second, we are always keeping close track of and ensuring our quality, consistency, and reliability, so that you can always confidently know what to expect from us.

Bouquet Arrives Fully Designed, Ready to Place in Your Vase & Show It Off! (Not any of that DIY stuff!) That’s right – finally a simple, easy and fabulous way to receive beautiful shipped flower bouquets!  Your bouquet arrives fully designed, hydrated, and elegantly wrapped in 100% biodegradable burlap.  Present your bouquet as is, in its adorable burlap packaging, before you’re ready for the quick one step process of getting your bouquet naked to place it in its vase!  None of that hassle you will often find elsewhere associated with flowers that are advertised as curated and hand-designed, but in reality are more like DIY flowers that are… shipped to you looking mass produced and packaged with plastic and cardboard stapled around the flowers… that you then have to carefully unfold, de-thorn and clean… and then give your best attempt to arrange the flower pile into some design… all in the middle of your workday!

Help Others Bloom By Sending Blooms with our Support-A-Cause Bouquets.TM  Every month, we select a handful of our bouquets for which we donate up to 50% of proceeds toward three charitable causes and the gifting of fresh flowers to local hospitals and community facilities and groups. Our Support-A-Cause Bouquets are here as well as the % of proceeds donated and the three charitable causes we select each month.

Try us out! – Our hunch is that you’ll love our flowers, you’ll love us, and we hope that you’ll never look back!  We would love to work with you and make your flower gifting experience a charming and WOW-MAZINGTM experience for both you and your recipient! 

We welcome you onboard to Our Blooming FamilyTM !

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