Caring for Your Everlasting Botanicals

The “Good-To-Knows” in Caring for Your Preserved Florals + Greenery


  • 100% Water-Less (stems should NOT be placed in water)
  • Long-Lasting (lasts for years, with proper easy care)
  • 100% Real Plant Product (soooo much more beautiful and better than the faux, synthetic look!)
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainably Produced
  • Product of Mother Nature so there will be some natural variation and imperfections. Any affected leaves can be gently clipped off upon arrival or arranging.  Flowers and leaves may also need time to settle into place or some "teasing" or “fluffing” after transit.  Light shedding and/or breakage may occur, especially for more delicate flowers and greens.
  • Minimize exposure to extreme temperatures (hot or cold), direct sunlight, and high humidity in order to maximize longevity. 
  • Intended for Indoor Use. – Short term or one-time outdoor use (weddings, events, social gatherings) is a-okay!
  • Storage: If you are storing, an open airy vase or bucket is recommended. Avoid a closed container. Periodically check on stored botanicals.
  • Furniture Surface – Recommended Protective Measure: Plants contain naturally occurring plant oils, preservation solution, and usually a dye/tint or airbrush.  Although infrequent, these may rub or seep out.  If placing on an expensive or light-colored surface, we recommend using a protective layer in between the plant and surface (either in a vase or transparent/aesthetic layer, etc.) as a precautionary measure.
  • Wonderful to Use For: Home Décor, Wedding + Event Florals, Holiday or Themed Garlands, Greenery Bouquet, Gifts, Flower Arrangements


We hope you enjoy!!  Feel free to message us with any questions or if you need any assistance!

- Bloomingful Team


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