Fresh Greenery Care

The “Good-To-Knows” in Caring for Your Fresh Greenery



  1. Your plant has traveled to get to you and so may arrive looking thirsty. This is completely normal!  But, let’s get them in water and care for them as soon as possible! 
  2. Carefully remove product from box and inspect product.
  3. "Tease" the stems to separate the stems and leaves - this allows the stems to breathe and for the release of trapped humidity or moisture that may have built up during transit.
  4. Cut one-half inch to one-inch off the bottom of the stems, preferably cut at a diagonal 45-degree angle. The angled cut allows more surface area for the plant to drink more water faster.
  5. Place in a vase, vessel, or bucket with room temperature water.
  6. Any leaves that fall below the water line should be removed. When the leaves remain under water for long periods of time, this creates a more favorable environment for bacteria to grow in the water, which then decreases the vase life of your plant.
  7. Replace water every 2-3 days. And, give your stems another fresh diagonal cut, if possible! Periodically check on your greenery to make sure that everything is still looking great and that there is enough water.
  8. Below - we have included some additional information regarding fresh greenery products and answers to some commonly asked questions, in case you want to have a read!


FOR IMMEDIATE USE: Trim stems and place in water.  Arrange product in its vase, vessel, or bucket, and ENJOY!

TO “STORE” UNTIL YOUR EVENT: Keep plants in water in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures (hot or cold), or air flows (such as air conditioners, heaters, windy or breezy areas, etc.).  OR, if you have space in your refrigerator (or the outdoors, if outdoor temperature is similar to refrigerator temperature and outside weather conditions are relatively good), then keep your plant in water in the fridge or outdoors until ready to use. 


We hope you enjoy!! 
Feel free to message us with any questions
or if you need any assistance!
- Bloomingful Team



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Additional Information, Tips + Tricks for Your Fresh Greenery


Natural Product of Mother Nature: Greenery comes from trees and bushes, and just like leaves on other trees and bushes, there may be some perishing leaves, which should gently be clipped away.  Also, leaves will naturally have some color variation throughout – this includes occasional spots, bruises or leaves of purple or brown color.  This is also completely natural.  Many customers choose to keep all leaves, regardless of different coloring, for the natural look, unless the leaf is perishing and/or directly in sight and not preferable.  The great part is that any undesirable leaf or offshoot can easily be clipped off by you, but they cannot be added by you if we have already cut it off prior to shipping!  A few tricks for any imperfections:

    • Customers usually arrange the greenery first, as any imperfections are usually not very noticeable once arranged. This way you can see if any imperfections are noticeable once arranged, and if there are any noticeable imperfections, then at this point, a customer will decide whether to leave as is or make modifications (such as clipping it off, etc.).
    • Any bottom leaves that have water stains or residue are often kept by our customers – because these leaves are usually kept hidden in the vase but function to keep other stems or flowers in place by providing more density.
    • Any leaves with small insect nibbles or spotting – usually customers will carefully cut around (or cut off) these parts to give the leaf a smooth outside shape. You can avoid cutting the entire leaf by just cutting around parts of the leaf that may be the imperfection.

    Darker Leaves at Bottom of Stems: Stems may have darker or browner looking leaves toward the bottom of the stems.  These are the leaves and stem areas that were below or at the water level in the water buckets prior to shipping to you.

    Multi-Bunch Packaging: Your plants may be packaged in multi-bunches for packaging efficiencies and transit protection purposes.

    Bunch Sizing: Our bunches are farmers bunches.  We provide a stem count estimate to give you an approximation of how much product (volume) to expect.  Our customers have various uses for the greenery, so we often ship oversized, more mature stems that provide greater flexibility for each customer.  The stems can then be cut or divided into the approximate number of regular sized stems indicated with your order, depending upon your preference and your use upon arrival.  We typically go above and beyond to include enough product that is either on the higher end of or above our volume/count estimation, which can help to cover leaves/stems that may have perished during transit, so that you have product within the estimated amount upon arrival.

    Not Shipped in Water: We typically do not ship products in water because: (1) our shipping carriers do not allow water in the shipping boxes, and (2) water often creates humid conditions inside the box that can interfere with product freshness.  We use sufficient packaging for protective purposes but minimize packaging to facilitate the plant’s ability to breathe during transit.

    Additional Stems & Complimentary Samples: If and when available, we try to include additional stems and/or complimentary samples.  If they are in your box, please do not get confused – these are for you to use, share, and enjoy!


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