Flower Care

How to Care For Your BLOOMING BEAUTIFULTM Flowers & Some Fun Science Facts!


  • Time To Get Naked! We know our burlap and packaging are dreamy – so adore it, take photos, and share your #1800blooming love with your family, friends (and of course, your awesome sender!), and capture the memory – because then it’s time to take it all off!  Your Blooming BouquetTM arrives to you already arranged and vase-ready so that you can easily and quickly place your blooms in your vase without having to arrange or rearrange them!  Finally, an easy, convenient, and gorgeous way to send and receive shipped flowers!
  • Time For A Fresh Cut! Using clean sharp scissors or garden shears, cut ½ inch off each stem at a 45 degree angle (under running water, if possible).  Cutting the stems at this angle provides a larger exposed surface area for the stems to absorb water.  It also helps the stem stand on a point, rather than sit flat against the bottom, so that the exposed surface area can easily keep drinking the fresh water.
  • Take Bottom Foliage Off! We love all the oh so pretty green foliage (leaves) and we know you do too!  But if too much foliage is kept under water, it can provide a harvesting ground for bacteria that may make your flowers turn brown and that may make the water turn cloudy and smell all funky.  Most of the lower foliage has already been removed, but if there is any significant foliage under water once you put your flowers in their vase, carefully remove that foliage or slightly reduce the water level.  This will help reduce the bacteria growth and increase the vase life of your BLOOMING BEAUTIFULTM flowers.
  • Feed Them & Hydrate Them! Your flowers get hungry and thirsty, just like we do!  Your flowers have traveled overnight to get to you so may arrive looking a bit thirsty.  This is normal but let’s get them their food and water!  Fill your clean vase with lukewarm water to about two-thirds the height of the vase and mix in one packet of the enclosed flower food.  Why warm water?  Warmer water molecules have more energy than cooler water molecules, which means they move faster, and so are absorbed more easily by the flower stems.  Our goal is to get as much water and nutrients up the flower stem and to the head of the flower as quickly as possible to keep them BLOOMING BEAUTIFULTM for you.
  • Keep Up the “TLC”! Your flowers love and want some TLC (“tender loving care”) and, to say a big thanks, will keep blooming longer for you!  We know you are busy, but we have a few TLC tips for you to try if you can:  change the water, put in fresh flower food, and clean the vase every few days; trim the stems and remove any perishing leaves or flowers; and keep your flowers away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, drafts, and ripe fruit.

And most importantly . . .


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