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Deluxe Roses from Award-Winning Farms at Wholesale Pricing:  Our deluxe roses come farm-fresh, direct from multi-award-winning Ecuadorian farms with the world’s most optimal growing conditions… to give you the most beautiful luxury roses for your wedding or special event!  We offer deluxe roses in bulk quantities (starting from as few as 25 roses!) at wholesale pricing to help you make your wedding or event luxuriously gorgeous at an affordable price!


Super Fresh, Arrive to You in Only a Few Days After Being Cut!:  Our roses come direct from the farm!  Usually, they are cut from the rose bush only a few days prior to arriving at your doorstep!  We utilize the latest time-effective and freshness-effective methods of transportation for your flowers and greenery.  You can compare this to other online or local sources, often providing roses, flowers, and greens that were cut over 14+ days prior to getting to you, and have been sitting in cross-country trucks, wholesale refrigerator storage, or florist refrigerator storage, or doing something else. 


Conscientious, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Premium Labor Practices:  Our farms are eco-friendly, sustainable, and take it a step further beyond fair labor practices to provide premium working conditions and wages to their farm workers and to help build their farming communities, schools, and local facilities.  We also work directly with the farms and have knowledgeable relationships with the farms; we are not a mass-seller for mass-commercial farms with mass-produced products. 


Our Roses are Ideal For:  Our roses, flowers, and greenery are perfect for: 

  • DIY brides
  • Brides working with a wedding planner or wedding florist – we can supply your flowers to you or to your wedding planner or wedding florist … or let your wedding planner or wedding florist know you want to source from us, and we will work with your wedding planner or wedding florist
  • DIY events
  • Wedding Planners, Wedding Florists
  • Events Planner, Event Florists
  • Corporate Events
  • College & School Events
  • Home & Office Décor
  • Gifts
  • Substitution for your weekly trip to the market for flowers … and our flowers last longer, so chances are you won’t be needing fresh ones every week any longer and you can save some money!


Variety-Specific Roses vs. Color-Specific Roses – Which One Should I Choose?


We offer roses in two ways:

  1. By Variety & Color: For customers who are particular about the exact rose variety and color.
  2. By Color: For customers who are particular about the rose color but not the exact rose variety.  This is the more budget friendly option.  Your rose package will include ONE VARIETY of the example following varieties within the particular color category you select. 


White/Cream Roses

Avalanche, Crème de la Crème, First Lady, La Perla, Mondial, Pearl Avalanche, Playa Blanca, Polar Star, Snow Bliss, Tibet, Vendela

Yellow Roses

Brighton, Butterscotch, Déjà vu, Gold Star, High & Family, Mohana,

Orange Roses

Fidji, High & Intenzz, Nina, Orange Crush, Taxo, Tropical Amazon, Twilight, Tycoon

Hot Pink

Cotton Candy, Pink Floyd, Stiletto, Topaz

Medium Pink / Light Pink

Fusion, Hermosa, Marzipan, Nautica, Paloma, Peckoubo, Pink Avalanche, Pink Mondial, Sweet Avalanche, Titanic,


Green Fashion, Limonada,


Blueberry, Cool Water, Moody Blues, Roseberry, Soulmate


Amaretto, Kahala, Peach Avalanche, Shimmer, Shukrani, Tiffany

Red Roses

Altamira, Checkmate, Explorer, Freedom, Lotus, Love Paris, Red Paris, Sexy Red



Tinted & Painted Roses


We also offer fresh roses that have each been individually hand-dyed (tinted) or hand-painted to create a unique solid or array of rose colors.  We have several tinted and painted rose options online, but if you are looking for another rose color or color combination that you do not see online, send us a message!  Please note that painted roses generally do not bloom much more than the size they are when painted, although you can request the amount of bloom opening with your order!


Additional Product Details:


  • Average Bloom Size: Very Large, 4 to 6 inches, but variety dependent.
  • Average Vase Life: 8+ Days, with proper care and handling.  Many varieties last even longer and a few varieties last slightly shorter.
  • Stem Length: As part of our deluxe quality, almost all of our standard roses are at least 50+ cm (approximately 20+ inches).
  • Availability: Year-Round*
    • Subject to availability.
  • Rose Color: We publish as natural of photos as we can, without significant editing, on our website so that you can see how the product naturally appears and how it should look when with you!  Please do note, however, that color may appear slightly different on your monitor, tablet, or mobile screen due to the variations in resolution and/or this is a product of Mother Nature and may naturally vary slightly in color due to seasonal changes or to a particular crop output.
  • Cleaning & De-Thorning of Stems: As part of our deluxe quality (and unlike most roses from other sources!), your rose stems are largely cleaned and de-thorned to make handling and preparation quicker and easier for you.  You will still need to prepare your roses how they will work best for your wedding or event but we try to make the handling and preparation easier for you in this way.  This is an extra feature we provide to you, but it is not guaranteed and roses may occasionally come very leafy or still with its thorns.
  • Guard Petals: We ship our roses with their guard petals intact for protection during shipment and to maintain freshness.  Guard petals, as their names sounds, protect the inner rose petals.  Guard petals may get bruised during shipment or guard petals may naturally have a discolored look.  When preparing your flowers once they have arrived to you, any bruised guard petals should be removed and any discolored guard petals may be removed depending upon your preference.  Many times the “discolored” guard petals are gorgeous and give it a more rustic or natural look!  When you remove guard petals, you may need to remove up to 8 guard petals per rose.
  • Your roses will arrive looking thirsty and sleepy! This is absolutely NORMAL as your roses have travelled all the way from the farm to get to you!  It is important that you care for and hydrate your roses immediately upon their arrival.  Please refer to our detailed care and handling instructions here.


Planning & Ordering Tips:


  • Recommended Delivery Date: 3 Days Before Your Event  (If your event is Saturday, we recommend Wednesday delivery.).  This helps to give your roses time to bloom nicely.
  • When To Place Your Order: We take pre-orders up to 12 months in advance and we recommend placing your order as early in advance as possible, whenever you are ready.  Most rose varieties sell out very early, often months in advance, especially for delivery during high wedding seasons and holidays.  At the very latest, we recommend you place your order for specific variety roses no later than:
    • Specific-Variety Roses: No later than 3 weeks prior to your requested delivery date.
    • Color-Specific (Not Variety-Specific) Roses: No later than 7 business days prior to your requested delivery date.
    • Last Minute Requests: If you are placing a last minute order, please message us to check our availability.  We will still try our best to accommodate any last minute orders or let you know what alternatives we have available for you.
  • How Many Should I Order: Our roses generally arrive in perfect condition to you.  However, these are bulk wholesale roses and occasionally a stem or a few stems may break during transit or may not arrive perfectly to your liking.  Please account for this in your wedding preparation.  We always recommend that you consider purchasing a bit more than you will need, in the rare event that something may happen during shipment. 


Shipment Details:


  • Free Shipping!
  • Real-Time Tracking number provided upon shipment so that you can keep track of your shipment as soon as it leaves and until it arrives to you, to reduce any stress or worry about your shipment!
  • Roses are properly prepared for shipping and are shipped in BUD OR SEMI-BUD form. This is to ensure freshness and protection during shipment.  Once the bloom re-hydrates, the bloom will open to a much larger size.  Full blooming may take 3 to 5 days.  This is why we recommend you have your roses delivered at least three days before your wedding or event.
  • Roses are shipped in packages of 25 stems.
    • Roses are double-layered in packaging for protective purposes, so it may appear as though you only have received 12 roses until you fully open the package and you see the second layer.
    • Please note that


Substitution Details:


  • Flowers and greenery are a product of nature and occasionally, may not be available at your requested delivery date, even when you order in advance. When you order in advance, we reserve your product with the farm specifically for you so that it is available when your requested delivery date comes and there is rarely an issue.  However, Mother Nature may take its toll (for example, bad weather, bad growing season, etc.) or some other issue may arise.  If and when this happens, and we need to make a substitution to your order, we always try to contact you as early as possible to let you know so then you can decide what you want to do, and we always take the utmost care to make sure that your order is as similar as possible to what you ordered.  If time does not permit us to contact you, in order to get your order to you timely, or we are unable to, we will make substitutes that are as close as possible to what you ordered, using flowers or greenery of equal or higher value.






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