Fresh + Preserved Eucalyptus

    Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus for Garlands, Aisles, Arches, Wreaths - Variegated Green-Blue-Gray (Imperfects Collection)

    $ 37.50

    16-28"10-15 stems per bunch (which gives approx. 6-8 feet of light table runner or 3-4 feet of garland) Intended Use:  Garlands, Wreaths, Arches - NOT intended for use in focal flowers or...

    Preserved Parvifolia Teardrop Eucalyptus [Green]

    $ 35.00

    Green (medium-to-dark green)16-28" tall3-4oz bunch (may arrive in over-sized stems, but usually gives about 6-10 regular sized stems per bunch) Pictured = approx. 2 bunches These bunches typically arrive vase-ready. Stems may...

    Preserved Seeded Weeping Willow Eucalyptus Bunches - Green

    $ 24.95$ 18.71

    3.5-4.5oz bunch16-28"Stem Count Varies (stems can often be separated into additional stems)Seed Size (Current Batch):  Mostly Medium Sized Seeds Weeping Willow - stems/bunches will vary in extent that they are...

    BULK BOX: Preserved Assorted Eucalyptus, 20-30 stems - Green

    $ 119.99$ 99.99

    Our most popular preserved eucalyptus varieties in an assorted box!  Our bulk box gives better value, greater variety, and more flexibility to design and arrange! Assortment Includes 3+ Eucalyptus Varieties:  (20...

    Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus [Green, 15-20", 6-8 stems]

    $ 35.00

    15-20" 6-8 stems per bunch Green (ranges from natural green-blue-grey color to a medium green)   Two Options:  By the Bunch, Bulk Box By the Bunch (this listing):  These come ready...

    Silver Lining™

    $ 35.00 – $ 59.99

    Bunch Height:  15-20" Stems Per Bunch:  6-8 stems OR 12-15 stemsColor: Green To learn about our Preserved Flora Products, view the Preserved 101 tab or click here.For Weddings + Events:  Please include...

    Preserved Seeded Weeping Willow Eucalyptus Bunches - Green (Imperfects Collection)

    $ 24.95

    3 to 4oz bunch16-28"Stem Count Varies (stems can often be separated into additional stems)Color: Green (can range from light green to medium green to dark green)May or may not contain...

    Signature Preserved Eucalyptus Bouquet - Soft Whites & Ivory

    $ 72.49 – $ 145.00

    Our Signature Preserved Eucalyptus Bouquet™ collection in all things green with pops of soft white and ivory accents! A whimsically fun and plentiful assortment of our best-selling eucalyptus varieties - in...

    BULK BOX: Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Matte Green (20-30 stems)

    $ 119.99$ 95.00

    Our best-selling preserved silver dollar eucalyptus in bulk! Our bulk box gives better value and more flexibility to design and arrange! Box Size: 20-30 stemsStem Height:  Varies, but typically 16-28" tallColor:  Muted-to-Medium Matte Green-Blue-Gray...

    Preserved Baby Blue Spiral Eucalyptus - Frosty Green (16oz)

    $ 79.99$ 59.99

    16-28" tallStem Count Varies (gives approx. 10 bulk stems per bunch or can separate stems into approx. 15-20 regular sized stems) Bulk Box Sizing Reference:  20-30 stem box makes about 8-12 foot...

    Pearls of Green™

    $ 59.99

    A gift that lasts only 3 to 5 days? How about a gift that lasts a year?! Gift these preserved floral stems that offer endless enjoyment for a year! These...

    Preserved Seeded Eucalyptus - Green

    $ 69.99 – $ 109.99

    Gorgeous West Coast Preserved Seeded Eucalyptus Bundles! Two Bundle Sizes - Sold by Weight:  8oz or 16oz bundleStem Count VariesBunch Height Varies (generally about 16-24", each stem size will vary)...

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