Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus for Garlands, Aisles, Arches, Wreaths - Variegated Green-Blue-Gray (Imperfects Collection)

    $ 37.50

    16-28"10-15 stems per bunch (which gives approx. 6-8 feet of light table runner or 3-4 feet of garland) Intended Use:  Garlands, Wreaths, Arches - NOT intended for use in focal flowers or...

    Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus [Green, 15-20", 6-8 stems]

    $ 35.00

    15-20" 6-8 stems per bunch Green (ranges from natural green-blue-grey color to a medium green)   Two Options:  By the Bunch, Bulk Box By the Bunch (this listing):  These come ready...

    Silver Lining™

    $ 35.00 – $ 59.99

    Bunch Height:  15-20" Stems Per Bunch:  6-8 stems OR 12-15 stemsColor: Green To learn about our Preserved Flora Products, view the Preserved 101 tab or click here.For Weddings + Events:  Please include...

    Preserved Caspia Limonium - Natural (006)

    $ 26.65$ 19.99

    24-30"Stem count varies (usually arrives in larger stems that can separated into additional stems)Available in Several Colors, Full Collection available here. 100% Real Flowers100% WaterlessLasts for years, Easy careDyedProduct of...

    BULK BOX: Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Matte Green (20-30 stems)

    $ 119.99$ 95.00

    Our best-selling preserved silver dollar eucalyptus in bulk! Our bulk box gives better value and more flexibility to design and arrange! Box Size: 20-30 stemsStem Height:  Varies, but typically 16-28" tallColor:  Muted-to-Medium Matte Green-Blue-Gray...

    Preserved Eryngium Scottish Thistle - Large Heads, Dusty Blue

    $ 15.00

    Large Heads (approx. 1")5-8 thistle per stem (about 25-40 flowers per 5 stems)16-24" tallUnit Size = 1 stem (5-8 flowers) Available in Several Colors, available here. Full Thistle Collection (different varieties, colors, sizes)...

    Dried Pink Ice Protea Flower

    $ 15.00

    Beautiful Large Headed Dried Protea 12-24" tall Protea Head:  4" tallProtea Head Diameter:  2-3" widePriced Per Stem (Unit = 1 stem / 1 protea flower)100% Real Flower100% Waterless DriedLasts for Years,...

    Dried Teasel Thistle XL Flowers - Silver (001)

    $ 35.00

    Large Heads (1"-2")10-15 thistles/bunch12-24" tall (mixed stem lengths)Stem count varies (generally multiple thistle flowers per stem)Available in Several Colors, Full Collection available here. Thistle Available in Several Different Varieties, Colors, and Sizes. Full Thistle Collection...

    Dried Pampas Grass, Small 20-28" - Greige (026)

    $ 25.00$ 18.75

    20-28" tall with 12" thin plume15 stems Shed Level:  MinimalAvailable in Several Colors, Full Collection available here.Pampas Available in Several Different Pampas Types and Sizes, Full Pampas Collection available here. 100% Real...

    Dried Nigella Flowers - Silver (037)

    $ 19.99$ 14.99

    1.5-2.5oz bunch 16-26"15-20 flowers/bunch (multiple flowers per stem)Stem count varies Design Tip:  Many flowers can be separated from main stem to form additional flower stems.Available in Several Colors, Full Collection...

    Dried Flax Linum Seed Flowers - Silver (029)

    $ 25.00$ 18.75

    1.5-2oz (~20stems/bn)18-28" tall (100s of seeds in clusters on top 10-12")Seed Size: 1/4" Available in Several Colors, Full Collection available here.100% Real Flowers100% WaterlessLasts for years, Easy careDried + DyedProduct...

    Dried Bearded Wheat - Dusty Navy Blue (019b)

    $ 25.00$ 18.75

    45-50 stems16-24" tallAvailable in Several Colors, Full Collection available here. 100% Real Flowers100% WaterlessLasts for years, Easy careDried + DyedProduct of Mother Nature.Each stem, bunch, and processing batch is unique, will...

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